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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Humpback Whale Whatching Maui Hawaii with "Ultimate Whale Watch"

Humpback Whale Watching Maui Hawaii with "Ultimate Whale Watch"

Whale watching is big in Hawaii and especially in the Maui area where
seeing whales from the shore is normal and seeing whales breaching going
air-born is normal. Hawaii is the home of Humpback Whale migration and
each year they come to the Hawaiian Islands by the thousands to mate and
give birth.

The "Lahaina" section of Maui is home to a host of ocean tours including
snorkeling, submarine trips, glass bottom boats and the world famous
"Humpback Whale Watching Trips and Tours". I had come to Maui
several times to shoot the "Pe'ahi" aka "Jaws" surf break and had heard
some amazing stories from photographers of Humpback Whales providing
spectacular shows and displays for guests watching them from boats.

I was lucky and got a referral to check out "Ultimate Whale Watch" whale
watching trips in Lahaina and I called and got on a 10:30 am trip.
What did I see on this awesome whale watching voyage? It started
with flying fish traveling 15-20 MPH cruising along the boat and finished
with us following a pod of nearly 8-9 whales traveling around. There were
breaches on the first trip but of course I missed them and caught them on
trip #2 when I was a little more patient rolling the video and keeping
it going.

"Ultimate Whale Watch" Lahain Maui Hawaii - Whale Watching Trips
Address: 675 Wharf St, Lahaina, HI 96761
Phone:(808) 667-5678
Hours: Open today · 8AM–5PM
Schedule a Whale Watching Trip Online
Visit the Ultimate Whale Watch website

Check out the awesome whale watching photos and videos from my
whale watching trips in Maui at Ultimate Whale Watch" and if you
call them say hello and "you love the dog picture:-)!

Humpback Whale Watching Photo Gallery

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